Keto Ice Cream Hack Featuring Isocream

Keto Ice Cream Hack Featuring Isocream

Want ice cream but don’t want to make it from scratch and you can’t buy keto friendly ice cream in shops near you?  Try this keto ice cream hack that I use to get a great low carb ice cream that everyone will enjoy, even carb lovers.


This frozen dessert is not technically ice cream.  It is high in protein and low in carbohydrates, but it is also low in fat.  I add full fat cream to Isocream to increase both the fat content and the creaminess.  It really does then become very much like standard ice cream, especially once I add in a few “extras”.

Now, you may wonder why I add “extras”.  This is because when you add cream and and whip to aerate the Isocream, the flavour becomes slightly diluted.  To bring back a more punchy flavour to the ice cream, I like to add unsweetened cocoa powder and low carb chocolate chips to the chocolate flavour, sugar free coconut extract to the coconut flavour, vanilla bean seeds to the vanilla flavour, raspberries or blackberries (the lowest carb berries) to the strawberry flavour, unsweetened peanut butter to the peanut butter cookie dough flavour and sometimes some caramel extract to the salted caramel flavour.  



1 pottle



Full Fat Cream

 your choice

“Extras” of your choice.  


Low Carb or Sugar Free Chocolate Chips

Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

Unsweetened Peanut Butter

Blackberries or Raspberries

Vanilla Bean

Caramel Extract


  1. Take your pottle of Isocream frozen dessert and let it soften slightly.
  2. Tip softened  Isocream into a mixing bowl and add 100mls of full fat cream.
  3.  Depending on your “extra” of choice, you may like to add it now.  I would add cocoa powder to chocolate Isocream, vanilla bean seeds to the vanilla Isocream, sugar free coconut extract to the coconut Isocream, caramel extract to the salted caramel Isocream or frozen berries to strawberry Isocream now.
  4. Beat with electric mixer to incorporate ingredients.  It will look like soft serve ice cream at this stage.  If you mix it too long, it will be come softer and runnier so only beat it just long enough to ensure that the cream and “extras” are incorporated.  
  5.  At this point you can either place it back into the pottle or stir in other, chunkier “extras”.  For the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough flavour, I now like to add a big spoonful of unsweetened peanut butter and gently mix it a little to create a swirl of peanut butter throughout the isocream.   For the chocolate ice cream, I now add some low carb chocolate chips.  Then spoon it back into the pottle.  Note, adding the cream and beating the Isocream adds air to the mixture so you may need an extra container to take an increased volume of the ice cream.
  6. Place the re-filled pottle of Isocream back into the freezer and allow at least 2 hrs for it to firm up.  If using the next day or later, you will find that the Isocream is very firm/hard when you remove it from the freezer.  Either leave it out on the the kitchen counter-top before using or microwave for a few seconds, to allow the Isocream to soften up and become scoop-a-ble.
  7. Enjoy in a bowl, in a low carb ice cream cone, or perhaps even eat it right out of the pottle with a spoon!!

Please note that the nutritional values may vary depending on the brand of ingredients that you use.

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