Keto Coffee…Bulletproof Coffee…Fatty Coffee

Keto Coffee…Bulletproof Coffee…Fatty Coffee

Keto Coffee...Bulletproof Coffee...Fatty Coffee

Get the party started each morning with a low carb, high fat cuppa java.

By Melba

What do I do almost every single morning?  Whether I bounce out of bed or drag my tired A off to the shower, I then head to the kitchen to make my delicious, rev me up, keep me going, starter fluid.  Just what am I on about? I’m talking about my “keto” coffee. 

It seems these days that most people know this caffeinated rocket fuel as “Bulletproof Coffee”, but that is actually a brand-name coffee product.  I like to keep it simple and just call it a “keto” coffee which is basically any coffee that I manage to up the fat content on to meet keto macro nutrient ratios.  This lovely brew is known to be an easy way to get ahead of the “fat” intake game early on in the day as well as providing some nice fatty fuel for your body.

For me, this means turning on my coffee machine and setting it for a large cup of coffee, then adding just over one serving of pouring cream (aka heavy whipping cream for the Americans out there) which happens to be about 20mls, and sometimes I add a little stevia for sweetness, and sometimes I don’t.  When I tap these ingredients into my trusty food log app, the free version of My Fitness Pal, my coffee comes to 74 kcal, 8g fat, 1g protein, and about 0.5g net carbs.  The best thing about this?  With macros like that, I can afford to have at least two of these delicious concoctions per day, perhaps even three if I switch to decaffeinated coffee after the first two.

Now, for those of you who don’t like tiny amount of carbohydrates you get from the cream, which can still mount up if you are heavy with the cream or drinking a lot of coffee a day, you could go the route of adding a tablespoon of good quality fats such as butter or ghee, coconut oil, or for the stalwart, medium chain triglycerides (MCT oil) which generally have no carbohydrates.  I say “stalwart” as some people seem to have difficulty digesting MCT oil when they first start taking it and I have seen some recommend staying close to a bathroom the first time of adding it to your food…just in case.  The MCT oil I purchase is made up of mostly C8 capryllic acid MCT oil as I have read that C8 MCT oil is possibly less likely to cause a stomach upset.  Luckily for me, I have had no adverse effects…yay.

Now, in my early days of keto/low carb eating, I tried using all of the ingredients I’ve mentioned above.  Back then, I really struggled to get enough fat into my daily food intake as I just wasn’t used to eating and cooking with a lot of added fat.  Butter was great as it can actually seem almost like cream in your coffee if you use a high-powered blender to mix it into your coffee.  But beware, if you don’t have some kind of powered mixing instrument, adding any of the oils to your coffee can leave an unappetising oil slick floating on the coffee surface.  The only benefit I’ve been able to think of in this is that you may get a sort of lip balm effect as the oil coats your lips during the sipping process.

These days I stick to my cream as it’s super easy to mix in and I don’t feel the need to use any of the oils as I am now much better at incorporating fat into the foods I eat rather than just drinking my fat calories.  I do on occasion use a little MCT oil if I am wanting a bit of an energy boost in the morning, or if I know I’m going to be super busy during the day and have trouble finding time to eat proper meals.  That being said, once in a while you might find me adding a little extra virgin coconut oil along with some cream, just because I like the coco-nutty flavour.  I can’t generally be bothered pulling out the blender for this but that’s okay, because I have invested in a little hand-held milk frother to mix the coconut oil into my coffee.  Not quite as creamy or emulsified as my blender would make it, but it gets the job done well enough.

So, my take-a-ways about keto coffee?  If you like a caffeine hit in the morning or just like the flavour of coffee…if you want to make it low carb and keto friendly…if you want to get ahead of the game on fat intake for the day…if you want something that may help you stave off hunger pangs and stop you snacking…then Keto coffee is awesome.  So versatile, you can use cream, butter, ghee, coconut oil, MCT oil or even a combination of them to make yourself “your” perfect keto coffee. 

I’m off to make mine right now.

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