Come along and explore the ease of living a Low Carbohydrate and Ketogenic lifestyle to reap the wonderful healthful benefits

Take the Leap

So, you’ve tried every diet under the sun…every pill…every exercise plan…but you’re still feeling sub-optimal.  Let me help you to kick-start your low carb keto journey and get on the road to feeling better than great, sooner rather than later.

Low carb and keto turn the food pyramid upside down…

and in so doing, turns the world  right side up.

Mel Barker

Try a menu plan for free

Not sure how to start and wondering if you can work a Low Carb keto eating style into your busy life?

Try this very simple and economic ‘food prep’ for free.

Low Carb and Keto, made simple.

Everyone has to eat, but sometimes changing your eating style and diet is hard to do and stick with long term.

What makes the difference is keeping it simple and getting the support when you need it.

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