Easy Seafood Laksa

Easy Seafood Laksa


Seafood Laksa here I come!!!  Hot, slurpy, creamy, spicy…who doesn’t love a seafood laksa? 

This dish is keto friendly, low carb, and is a dish you can make at home without any fuss all care of a little cheat…store bought laksa paste.


It is pretty easy to find jars of laksa paste at almost all Asian food marts and even standard supermarkets these days.  I like to have a jar in the pantry, and once opened, in the fridge.  I always keep a can or two of coconut cream, stock cubes and shirataki/konjac noodles in the pantry and raw prawns and white fish fillets in the freezer. 


The vegetables I used in this recipe were vegetables I happened to have on hand at the time, but traditionally bean sprouts would be used.  I added some water chestnuts that I had leftover in the fridge, but I haven’t included them in the macros as they really aren’t a necessary ingredient.  I would suggest that you just adapt the vegetable portion to what you happen to have available when you go to make your laksa, although, the slices of red chilli really are bomb…if you like heat that is, lol.  It’s also easy to make it a chicken laksa by substituting the fish stock for chicken stock and the seafood for some sliced chicken pieces (leftover rotisserie or roast chicken works well or some sliced chicken fillet pieces).


The angel hair konjac noodles work really well as a rice vermicelli noodle substitute as the texture is actually quite similar, and they really do add bulk and fibre to the dish, all with only a drop of calories.


This soupy noodle dish packs a flavour punch and is surprisingly filling due to the coconut cream and the konjac noodles.  The best part about this dish is just how quick it is to throw together.  I find that I can get it onto the table in about 15 minutes from start to finish so who can complain about that?…not me, that’s for sure.




Laksa Paste (about 4Tb) – I used Penta Laksa Paste


Stock cube mixed into 1Cup hot water or 1 Cup of fish stock


White fish fillets, cut into chunks


Raw Prawns


Angel Hair Konjac/Shirataki Noodles (250g)


Full Fat Coconut Cream


Mizuna Asian Greens, washed

To taste

Red Chilli Slices


Radish, cut into matchsticks


Red Onion, finely diced


Spring Onion, finely sliced



  1. Prepare your ingredients, i.e. cut your fish fillets into bite sized chunks, slice your chillies, red onions, spring onions, and radish, and wash your mizuna (or other greens) and set aside.
  2. Dissolve the fish stock cube in 1 cup of hot water and place in a saucepan over medium heat.
  3. Add the laksa paste and coconut cream and stir to combine.
  4. Let the laksa broth simmer till it comes to a gentle boil.
  5. In the meantime, rinse the konjac noodles under running water and then dry-fry in a pan to remove some of their moisture.
  6. Once the laksa broth has come to a gentle boil, add the fish fillet pieces and the prawns. In just a few short moments the fish will become cooked and opaque in colour (solid white rather than translucent) and the prawns will have taken on a lovely coral hue…at this point it’s time to dish up. 
  7. Get two soup bowls ready and place your noodles and mizuna greens in the bottom. Ladle over the laksa broth, fish and prawns.  Garnish on the top with the red onion, spring onion and a few slices of red chilli and the radish matchsticks.
  8. And, you’re done…slurp them down and enjoy.

Nutritional Information (serving)






Net Carb







Please note that the nutritional values may vary depending on the brand of ingredients that you use.

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