Can hubby stay keto when I’m out of town?

Can hubby stay keto when I’m out of town?

I’m going out of town for the weekend.  Hubby is left at home to fend for himself.  He has a friend coming to stay at the same time.  I’m the head chef in the house, well, the only chef for that matter.  Will he be able to cope?  Will he stay keto?…let’s find out.

By Melba

I had been planning a weekend away with my sisters for a long time now but as I am the main cook in my household, I did worry about my lovely husbands ability to stay keto while I was away.  After being largely keto but having difficulty staying on track when he goes away for work or generally when I’m not there to guide him, he recently has become pretty good at keeping to plan and politely turning down those free pieces of cake at workplace morning teas or the french fries when he has been eating out when working in other cities.  So, this was certainly going to test his metal, especially as a friend decided to spring an out of the blue visit on him and come stay for the weekend.

“Don’t worry…we’ll be fine.  We’re going to the pub for a steak and salad dinner” he said

I, of course, did the responsible thing.  Amongst packing and organising myself for my trip away, I also went into overdrive to ensure there were lots of easy keto eats available in the house that also required minimal effort to prepare so that hubby could eat well and eat keto, even if he was feeling tired or lazy…or perhaps both for that matter, lol.

I baked a batch of keto bread and dinner rolls and put them in the freezer.  I baked two batches of keto crackers so that hubby could either eat them like potato crisps with a dip or partner them with lots of lovely cheeses.  And yes, that meant making sure there were lovely cheeses and a nice sour cream and chive dip in the refrigerator and in handy reach.

Plenty of freshly picked salad greens were washed with care by moi and placed in the veggie basket of the refrigerator along with other colourful salad vegetables.  And then I had to cover all the protein bases.  So, low carb breaded chicken drumsticks and weighed and individually packaged steaks went into the freezer.  A smoked chicken and smoked salmon fillet along with some deli meats and bacon went into the fridge, and to top it off, a carton of 18  free range eggs went into the pantry.

I worked my A off doing food prep and then on my first night away I phoned hubby to see how he was going.  What did he say?  He was feeling tired. So, despite all the lovely goodies in the kitchen cupboards, fridge and freezer, he was off to the pub with his friend to buy a steak and salad dinner!!  At least it was keto friendly.

Ah well, my hearty efforts were not all wasted.  Hubby and friend did manage to polish off all of the keto bread, all of the bacon, most of the eggs, cheeses, pate, and crackers by the time I arrived home.  

In fact, hubby was so proud of his culinary efforts that he took pictures of their bacon and egg brunches.  Perhaps not the prettiest but I have to say, I was reasonably impressed with his cooking efforts, hehehe…perhaps a 6.5/10 score and an “A” for effort.

But now we come to the burning question…did hubby stay keto while I was out of town?…..Almost!!…but not quite.  With friend in town the social drinks did flow.  Gin wth diet tonic was fine and dandy but just a few too many glasses of wine quaffed down during chats and laughter pushed them over the edge…not to mention an apple cider that apparently fell into his hand and then down his gullet, lol.

But on the whole, hubby did better than he has ever done before and his will power to stay keto gets stronger and easier by the day.  

Hmmm, I think I may just go ahead and plan a few more girly trips away with the knowledge that hubby and keto will get along just fine without me.

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