Blue Cheese Butter – Just 2 Ingredients!!

Blue Cheese Butter – Just 2 Ingredients!!


Quick…Easy…Tasty…Creamy…Buttery…Salty…delicious…what else are you looking for in a great condiment?

Condiments are an easy way to change up a dish and make it feel new and fresh again. This blue cheese butter will certainly hit the salty, cheesy hot spot and what is even better, taking just 2 simple ingredients, you can easily make extra portions and keep them in the freezer for future use when you’re feeling tired and want something to lift a dish in a hurry.  And because you’re using such a flavourfull ingredient, blue vein cheese, you really don’t need to add any other flavour extras such as herbs, salt or spices. 

The key to getting a creamy and smooth blue cheese butter is ensuring that your blue vein cheese is at room temperature, so that it is not too firm, and likewise with the butter, that it is soft but not melted.  If you try to use melted butter, you will end up with runny blue cheese liquid butter that will become a greasy and oily lumpy as it cools and solidifies.  It is also important to use a good blue vein cheese rather than, for example, a soft rind blue brie as a blue brie will not mix into the butter so readily and it also will not carry the blue cheese punch that you want for this condiment.

This blue cheese butter goes super well with a thick and juicy BBQ’d beef steak (and maybe a small sneaky glass of red wine), but would also pair equally well with a succulent grilled pork chop, hamburger patties or rissoles and could really take the flavour notch up a level if melted into some cauliflower rice or perhaps some spaghetti squash or konjac noodles.  I would be cautious about putting it together with more delicate meats such as fish though, as it carries quite a blue cheese flavour punch that might overpower a delicate flaky fish fillet.

The final bonus with this condiment?…it is also a tasty way to get some added fat into your daily macros and because of its richness, helps you to feel fuller and more satiated after your meal…Yay!



Blue Vein Cheese, at room temperature


Full Fat Butter, softened


  1. Into a small bowl, add 30g of room temperature blue vein cheese and 30g of softened butter.
  2. Using a mini spatula or small fork, mix the cheese and butter together till it is smooth and creamy without any lumps.
  3. You can use it as it is, or you can freeze it to use later. If freezing, I would recommend using some kind of mould and then when it frozen and set hard, transfer to a freezer safe container or resealable bag.  The blue cheese butter should keep fine in the freezer for at least 1-2 months.

Nutritional Information

– Per serving (full recipe yields 2 serves)






Net Carb


Please note that the nutritional values may vary depending on the brand of ingredients that you use and cooking techniques utilised.

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